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adapted from Oscar Wilde`s The Canterville Ghost by Sean Aita - Vienna's English Theatre 2019.

Staying at a haunted castle can be a scary adventure –  not necessarily for the people, but surprise, surprise – for the GHOST!!

Sir Canterville is forced to sell his family home because of bankruptcy. The ghost of an ancestor who killed his wife and was cursed by her is likely to lose his residence too because the new owner, the American businesswoman, Mrs Otis is planning to demolish Canterville Hall and replace it with a modern housing estate.

Her son, Washington, is only interested in violent video games and brutal horror films, and even the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville, fails to impress him. On the contrary, Sir Simon feels mocked and ridiculed by him.

Though, Virginia, Mrs Otis` daughter, is completely different. The romantic girl manages to solve the so called riddle of Canterville Hall. She finds the key to the locked room and the spell which was cast on Sir Simon is lifted. Alongside the bones she finds a big treasure and now Sir Canterville is able to buy back his family estate from Mrs Otis.

The audience agreed in one point: the show was extremely funny, the actors played their parts brilliantly and there was even some interaction between the students and the persons on stage.

Washington was the favourite of the majority of students, but also Sir Simon and the two women impressed the audience.

In the end the actors thanked and complimented the students for being so well behaved. With a final selfie with all the students they concluded the show.

ST 2019 UST

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Text: OStR Prof. Mag. Mathilde Friesacher
Bilder: Prof. Mag. Evelyn Friesacher

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