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Am 6. November besuchte das Vienna's English Theatre die Unterstufe mit dem Stück "The Little Prince".

The Little Prince by Sean Aita


The novella „Le Petit Prince“ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery was voted the best book of the 20th century in France. It has been translated into 110 languages so far and become one of the best-selling and most read books ever.
Sean Aita adapted this classic tale from Antoine Saint Exupery and proved that it is still very popular, not only with adults but also with children. The play with live music was a huge success with our students, also due to the brilliant performance of the four British actors (CAST A).
We follow the little prince on his trip through space, trying to find a friend after his disappointment with a beautiful rose that lives with him.
We encounter strange people, such as a king without any subjects, a pop star with only one fan (herself), a businessman who wants to buy and own all the stars, a Geography professor who has never been outside, an air traffic controller and finally we meet Foxy, a homeless person who teaches our hero a lot about trust and the worth of true friendship.
The story`s message can be summed up in Foxy`s quote “One sees clearly only with one`s heart.” 


Text: OStR. Mag. Mathilde Friesacher
Bilder: www.schooltours.at

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