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Vom 11. - 17.11. fand der dritte Schüleraustausch des Projektes „Let’s Build Europe Together" in Desenzano statt.

Sunday, 11th November 2018
At 10 o‘clock we, the Austrian team, met our teachers, Prof. Mag. Angelika Bruckbeck and Prof. Thomas Zdravja, at the train station in Klagenfurt. Our train left at 10:22. We had our first stop at half past 1 in Venice, where we went to Mac Donald’s to have a snack. At 15:02 we continued our journey to Desenzano, where we finally arrived at about half past four.

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We were quite exhausted but glad to meet all our Italian Erasmus+ partners who gave us a very warm welcome. Afterwards we went to our partners’ houses and got to know their families. Unfortunately the train of the Croatian team was delayed, that‘s why they only arrived at about half past seven.
Laura Bogdan, 6a

Monday, 12th November 2018
On the second day of our exchange our host students took us to the Bazoli - Polo in Desenzano and gave us a first impression of their school. First of all the Italian teachers and the headmaster of the school welcomed the Austrian and Croatian teams. After that every team had to present the projects which they had already finished at home. In our case it was a little cabaret to explain the topic - opportunities for political participation, decision-making and conflict resolution in the EU.

k 20181112

To break the ice we also sang typical Italian, Croatian and Austrian songs. Afterwards the Italian teachers gave us a little tour of the school and the premises. On top of that we got the chance to join some lessons. Finally we walked to the city centre where we had a meeting with the major of Desenzano at the town hall. After a warm welcome he stressed the importance of voting and our Erasmus+ project.

k 20181112 1

We spent our lunch-break with our Italian and Croatian friends and enjoyed a typical Italian lunch. This was followed by a tour through Desenzano where we visited famous sights like the castle, the dome and the Villa Romana. At the end of the day we also got some icecream at the Gelateria Vivaldi. The rest of the evening was devoted to our host families.
Lea Neibersch, 6a

Tuesday, 13th November 2018
This Tuesday we went to Milan by coach. There we first did a bit of sightseeing and learned some facts about the different attractions presented by the Italian students. After that we had some free time and the possibility to go shopping. Here is what we learned: Milan is the capital of Lombardy and the second most populous city in Italy after Rome. It is famous for its fashion as well as for design, entertainment and tourism. The famous sights we visited were the Castello Sforzesco which was built in the 15th century by the Duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza. Over the years it has been renovated and rebuilt more than once. Today it houses several museums and art collections.

k 20181113

Another highlight was the Duomo of Milan. It took nearly six centuries to complete this beautiful cathedral. It is the largest church in Italy, the third largest in Europe and fourth largest in the world.

k 20181113 1

Right opposite the cathedral we enjoyed the Galleria di Vittorio Emmanuele II which is Italy’s oldest active shopping mall and a mayor landmark of Milan. The galleria is named after Vittorio Emmanuele II and was designed and built by architect Giuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1867. Finally our friends showed us the Teatro la Scala also known as La Scala which is nowadays the most important theatre in Europe. All in all our excursion to Milan was a fantastic experience for all of us.
Anja Zapp, 6a

Wednesday, 14th November 2018
On Wednesday we started our day in school where we had an activity with Professor Sensi. It was a debate. At first Prof. Sensi explained the rules of a debate. Then he gave us the topic “Should the voting age be lowered to 16 in all EU - states like in Austria or not”. There were two groups, one for and one against. We had some time to do some research and after that we had to present our arguments. In the end the judges, 3 teachers, decided that the students in favour of a lower voting age had had the better arguments.

k 20181114

After our lunchbreak in the park we went to Sirmione by bus. We visited the old castle and its tower from where we had a wonderful view. The castle, called Castello Scagliero, was built in the 13th century. Next our walk took us to the Terme di Catullo. There they have natural hot water springs from lake Garda. The water contains a lot of sulphur and is said to be very healthy. Our last stops were the Grotte di Catullo. This is in fact a huge roman villa with hundreds of olive trees. There we visited a museum with all the discoveries made in this area. After that we were able to take photos of a wonderful sunset. All in all we can look back to a wonderful day.
Maximilian Lenz, 6b

k 20181114 1

Thursday, 15th November 2018
On Thursday we went to Verona. Our first stop was Castelvecchio, the most important fortress in Northern Italy because of its location. This fortress was actually also taken by the Austrians in some wars. Furthermore the castle offered a very important escape route if the city was ever attacked. Then we went to the Arena which was built around 30 B.C. and which is one of the best preserved ones in the whole world. The Arena can hold about 30.000 viewers and is still in use for big concerts nowadays.

k 20181115

After that we visited Romeo & Juliet‘s balcony where we took pictures. Some of the students even wrote letters to Juliet and attached some padlocks to the gate there. Right afterwards we visited the famous Piazza delle Erbe and Dante’s monument. After the city tour we had 2 hours of free time during which we went for lunch and took the opportunity to do some shopping. Afterwards we strolled to the highest place in Verona near the Roman Theatre from which we had a wonderful view on all the city. Our conclusion was that Verona is a fantastic city but definitely needs more time to visit.
Laura Schubel, 7b

Friday, 16th November 2018
On Friday morning we first went to the IT-lab with Prof. Galantino. There we collected pictures of the whole week to produce a video. We also prepared the songs for the farewell event.

k 20181116

In the afternoon we had the opportunity to spend time with our hosting families. Some of us went shopping in the shopping centre Il Leone while others stayed at home. At four o‘clock the farewell event took place in the school’s auditorium. All of the students, teachers, as well as some of the parents and the press were present. We first watched the video we had prepared in the morning and another one about the lesson on debating with Prof. Sensi.

k 20181116 1

After the headmistress’ speech every student and every teacher of the Erasmus+ project received their certificate of attendance. Afterwards we sang songs from Italy, Croatia and Austria. In the evening all of us had dinner together at the restaurant “Revolution“. We were invited to enjoy a delicious pizza and celebrated our last evening in Desenzano.
Selina Gugl, 7a

Saturday, 17th November 2018
On our last day I slept till half past ten o'clock and then had breakfast together with my hosting family. I finished packing my suitcase before we made a last trip to see Lake Garda and the tower of Vittorio Emanuele II. This is a tower which was built in memory of the war of the Italian and French against the Austrian and Hungarian. Half an hour before our train’s arrival my hosting family took me to the train station where we met all the other students. We said goodbye, there were a lot of hugs and even though we were a bit sad, everybody was also happy to see their families again soon.

k 20181117

All in all it was a great experience for every single person of us and I would always repeat it if I had the chance to do so! A lot of thanks to all the hosting families, the Italian school with all the teachers who made this project possible. A special thanks also to Prof. Mag. Bruckbeck and Prof. Zdravja for caring so well for us.
Antonia Zarfl, 7a


Bilder: Prof. Mag. Bruckbeck Angelika, Prof. Thomas Zdravja, Prof. Dr. Paolo Milli

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