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Am 19. Februar 2020 war das Vienna's English Theatre (VET) zu Gast am Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul.

Pretty Shrewd

by Clive Duncan
based on Shakespeare´s “Taming of the Shrew”

Contrary to a widespread assumption (at least in literature) that it is always women who have to be tamed, this play shows the opposite. Clive Duncan, who adapted the play from Shakespeare`s  Taming of The Shrew, reverses the roles. He wants the audience to think about certain stereotypes concerning males and females and so challenge their beliefs. Women are still seen as second class citizens in some societies, there is a recognised gender pay gap, women are under-represented in boardrooms, politics and science, whilst music, sport and the arts are dominated by men. Although there have been a number of positive changes, a deep divide is often visible and equality exists in name only.

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The play is a light-hearted comedy about four young people and their relationships. Four “easy stages” help Kate to turn Pete, whose behaviour is initially socially unacceptable into a considerate and supportive character.

How does she do this?

  1. Confuse, tease, infuriate, shock him
  2. Surprise him
  3. Make him feel calm and relaxed, that everything is alright
  4. Squash him flat!

However, before the fourth stage is completed, Kate realises that she has fallen in love with Pete, who has transformed from an egoistic, chauvinist and unreasonable character into a caring and likeable young man.

Thus “All is well that ends well”.

The audience (upper forms) agreed in one point: The show was one of the best VET has presented over the last few years. The actors played their parts brilliantly and on top of that they proved to be excellent musicians too.

Thanks to the four actresses/actors Roxana, Charlotte, Sam and Mark, who are very excited to tour Austria and who praised the audience of St. Paul as having been the best so far.

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Text: OStR Prof. Mag. Mathilde Friesacher
Bilder: Prof. Mag. Giovanni Santoro

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