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Einige Schülerinnen und Schüler der 5b- und 6b-Klassen filmten Video-Tagebücher während der Corona-Quarantäne.

I believe I speak for every single one of us, when I say the “Distance-learning” period came rather fast and lasted much longer than we had expected. But different times require different, and most of all creative tasks. Our English teacher Mrs. Bruckbeck came up with the following: We had to create video- diaries throughout the week, showing what life was like for us in “Quarantine” or talk about a novel that we’d read or a film that we’d watched recently - all of this in English, of course.

The results were amazing, fun to watch and are definitely worth sharing. This is why eight people, five from 6b and three from 5b, volunteered to offer you a glimpse into the work they did. Underneath this text, you can find various links that will lead you to all sorts of different content.

We hope you will enjoy the videos as much as we enjoyed making them!
Have fun exploring!

 Martin Dreier  Katharina Jöbstl Alexandra Kreuzer
 Alexandra Kreuzer Lea Lipusch  Isabella Schober
Franziska Lenz Markus Magerle Magdalena Roschitz

Text: Alexandra Kreuzer, 6b
Videoaufbereitung: Martin Dreier, 6b

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